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UUPG is short for Unengaged, Unreached People Group.

Even 2,000 years have passed after the Great Commission has been given to us, there still are about 3,400 tribes in the world being left not only unreached  but also unengaged, meaningly so many tribes still remain without a church nor mission worker in those people groups.

This simple website has started to be made as UUPG web station where 'publically available' UUPG related websites and contents will be listed and linked at one place so that you won't have to waste your time to search the entire web world.

Our prayer is to see the days will come soon when zero Unengaged Unreached People Group is left in this global community. Then this web site will be closed up as no work left to do.

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Websites and Web Contents for Unengaged Unreached People Groups
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